Thursday, June 29, 2006


so much life.
running through my veins.
hurdling like track runners into my heart, my lungs, out through my throat into yours, filling us both up with colors, songs, letters, pictures, poems, wishes.

this, my friend, is a cosmic connection.
the stars blush and cry tears of pretty things as they look down upon our human birth-right to carnality. as we roll around on the short prickly grass, the mosquitos drink in our fire like sweet sugar water. six years' wait bursts forth through the dam, and the skin that has waited six years to feel skin finally feels every inch of it. these fingers have wandered far from the contours of your arms where they should be, but they are home now, as their six year confusion is ended with the firmness of you.

where does heaven end and earth begin in this ocean horizon that we have so wrecklessly charged into?

you are my heaven, and my heaven's lips meet my neck with parched thirst in their desperation to quench the starvation for the river that flows under my skin.

i shudder, shiver, and shake to think what will come when your hands stop moving, your lips move harder, and you find what you were looking for between my trembling thighs. will the life surging through my heart be too much? perhaps. a myocardial infarction at best. or more likely my heart will simply stop. the life force that had woken me from my 6 year sleep will paradoxically be my very death.

and yet...somehow i'm not afraid. i fearlessly take the plunge into the unknown world of growing up as i watch your hands and lips find all the different places of me i never thought existed solely for you.

i'm not afraid anymore.

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emeralda said...

wow sweet fairy this is very beautiful.
very much so.
i remember when i was seventeen i kissed the guy i had waited for for about four years i guess.
and then we made out on top of this TV tower in the middle of the forests and his hands found my breasts in the dark and my knees were trembling.
everybody said the first kiss would suck and i was blessed with such a beautiful one.
and then we were at his house and he was gone, gone in his mind and i couldn't find him anymore

i hate drugs