Tuesday, June 06, 2006

power struggle

my stomach is crawling, still, hours after you last touched me.

i can still feel your fingers trailing up my inner thigh. another shiver.

my hand still feels the heat bulging from your now-tight jeans, every light butterfly touch i give racks your body with efforts to keep the heat under control.

i've never felt such power. knowing that with the slightest pressure, or deep ravishing scratch can bring another human being closer and closer to implosion. the people around us having no idea what torture your body and mind are being put through, no idea of how close you are. another shudder rips through your chest and you grip my hand steadily.

i think i have you under control. right at the moment when i feel like the plane is steady and i can just kick back, relax, and switch on the auto-pilot, i feel an intense, sinful burning in between my thighs. shit.

your hand is lighter than i've ever felt, yet it singes through my jeans, through the thin layer of my panties, through my skin into the very core of my own divine feminine. my hand releases you and i grip the arms of my chair. your large hands are suddenly very larger than i've ever cared to notice. i begin to arch my back but am suddenly very aware of the many people around us. i look at you and see the cruelest smile on your face.

payback's a bitch.

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